My dog Chuck has had such a miraculous response to Chinese Veterinary Herbs for bone and lung cancer, I wanted to share his medical story with others who love their animals and would like options for keeping them well.

Chuck was adopted as a 4 year old German Shepherd/Rhodesian Ridgeback mix found near death on the mean streets of Brooklyn. I believe Chuck was an angel fated to enter my life, as our paths crossed at a point when we were both lost desperate broken souls. We ended up saving each other, and it has been a blessing for me to experience the healing power of Love and to be able to care for him into his aging years.

At around 8 years old, Chuck started having some allergic skin problems – itching himself raw. We tried all the various expensive/restrictive diets to address possible food allergies; creams; salves; sprays; Benadryl; Prednisone; injections; etc. Chuck started losing hair on his belly and elbows and his skin turned black. His scratching had become so bad, at one point he ruptured a blood vessel in his ear and needed two subsequent surgeries for hematomas. Later I realized that all his misery could have been easily avoided.

After almost two years of the skin problems, a friend gave me a top quality HEPA air purifier for my bedroom. Within days, all Chuck’s itching stopped completely, and has never returned since. I suspect that environmental allergens caused his dermatitis, as it has never been a problem ever since as long as I keep the air purifier on. This might be worth a try for anyone else who has had a similar problem. UPDATE 2009: I am now thinking the resolution of the itching/allergies might have been due more to also having started the immune boosting Chinese herbs at the same time, since a recent similar itching problem with my dog Merlin was not resolved by the air cleaner, but was with the Wei Qi Booster.

Chuck also started having trouble with hip dysplasia, and at one point could no longer go up and down the stairs. We had x-rays taken, and the Vet said that given what the films showed – he was amazed that Chuck had been able to even walk at all. For about 2 months I carried him up and down the stairs, and sometimes had to pick him up off the ground when he fell into an impossible appearing lateral “splits”.

He got a few cortisone shots, and during this time I also started him on Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate, (note: all color text herein are live links to click on) and after about two months he was doing fine again with the stairs. Several times I have stopped the Glucosamine/Chondroitin wondering if it was upsetting his stomach (as some report), and each time he has been off it – his hips start having trouble again, but get better when I resume the supplement. It has been an amazing treatment for his hip dysplasia/arthritis. (To save money, I have used a “people” version of this supplement that I buy locally which has the same ingredients as the very pricey rip-off “pet” formulas. Calculate dosage based on a 100# pooch = 1 adult human).  If your pooch’s stools do seem to get too loose, it might be worth trying a lower dose before giving up on this.

At age 11, Chuck developed an eyelid tumor which was operated on twice to try and remove. It has since grown back and remains to this day without much consequence but was a harbinger of worse things to come.

A few months after the eyelid tumor was treated, Chuck suddenly became lame and was unable to walk at all. When I took him in, X rays revealed that he had a bone tumor in his front leg and his lymph nodes in his front shoulders were enlarged. He was given the painkiller Deramaxx and follow up X-rays and physical examination indicated the cancer had metastasized to his lungs. I was told that leg amputation might let him live comfortably for another 6 months or so until he would succumb to the cancer spreading throughout his body. His medical records were reviewed by Cornell University Veterinary College, and they refused to offer him chemotherapy because they felt his case was too far gone for an older dog. All they could offer was amputation of the leg for the pain, or Deramaxx as long as he could tolerate the drug (which reportedly can cause stomach ulcers).

We went with the Deramaxx which worked almost immediately and very well to relieve the pain, and Chuck was walking fine again, and then it became a waiting game to see when the bone or lung cancer progression would get him (he had also started coughing a fair amount each day), or when he would have to stop the Deramaxx due to stomach upset, and then be put down when the leg pain returned.

After rejection by Cornell, my local Veterinarian asked me if I would consider trying some Chinese Veterinary Herbs. I had tried many ‘alternative’ therapies myself and was open to giving it a try.

For about $50/month, Chuck started taking these three Chinese Herbal medications:

1. Wei Qi Booster (by Dr. Xie’s Jing-Tang Herbal) – a powdered herb that acts as general tonic to help revitalize the body’s own defenses and also helps fight tumors.

2. Bone Stasis (by Dr. Xie’s Jing-Tang Herbal) – a powdered herbal formula for the bone cancer.

Dr. Xie’s herbal formulas must be purchased by your Veterinarian through this web site:


which also has formulas for many other different conditions, as you can see on pages 3-4 of this recent newsletter in pdf format online

You can also try locating a Veterinarian in your area that is already familiar with the use of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine by entering your zip code in the “Find a TCVM Practitioner” tool on the left side margin of this TCVM Mission Statement web page:


Or try these  2 sites as well: www.ivas.org :: www.aava.org


3. Shen Tong Zhu Yu Wan These small pills are intended to dispel pain in the extremities of the body that had also been prescribed by Dr. Xie. I have subsequently found these pills online from various sources (like here or here) which then introduced me to all sorts of other Chinese herbal treatments, one of which has been growing hair on my head and got rid of the gray – but that is the topic of another web page.

After about 2-3 months, Chuck started having very bad stomach problems and was throwing up his food right after eating. I had read some anecdotal horror stories online about how long-term Deramaxx can create life-threatening ulcers in the stomach, and I started cutting back on the dosage. Much to my surprise, when I got to the point where he had stopped taking it completely, he was still walking fine with no pain. I took him into the Vet, and she was amazed that his lymph nodes felt normal again, his coughing had stopped, and that he was able to walk fine without the Deramaxx.

Chuck continued to do so well, that after about 9 months, I decided to give him a break from the nasty tasting herbs – but after a month off the herbs he took a sudden turn for the worse – was limping again, coughing again, and seemed very ill. I took him into the Vet – and she said his lymph nodes were enlarged again, and she felt some new masses around his stomach, which then appeared as more cancer on an X-ray taken. I got Chuck back on the herbs immediately, and within a couple weeks he was doing better again.

Chuck has had recurring bouts of stomach troubles, which could be due to the cancer or prior Deramaxx use, and/or I now suspect he may have canine Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome, (due to his very positive response to metronidazole which can act as an anti-inflammatory for IBS even in the absence of bacterial infections). The main struggle these past two years has been to keep him eating well, so that he can continue ingesting his Chinese Herbs.

It has been remarkable how whenever he goes through a period of not eating for a few days, he sometimes starts to have trouble again limping from pain with the bone tumor leg. Once he resumes eating and is back on the Chinese Herbs, his pain seems to always go away again within a few days. This cycle has happened so many times, I am convinced this is more than any possible coincidence.

In November 2005 I took Chuck on the 2-year anniversary of his cancer diagnosis. The Vet was delighted to report that his lymph nodes felt fine, his heart sounded good, that she could still “hear” some blocked areas in his lungs, but that considering what he has been through and now approaching 14 years for a large breed – he was indeed a miracle – and still standing on all four legs 🙂

The two Chinese Herbal powders look like and taste like dirt. It was a challenge to figure out how to get Chuck to eat them. Due to his sensitive stomach issues, I had been experimenting with boiled white chicken meat (or turkey) mixed with white rice (I get 25# of basmati white rice – which is less refined and more nutritious than regular white rice). I make a chicken or turkey + broth slurry as a base to mix the herbs into.

It takes a lot of work, but if you would do anything to keep your pet well, the following has been working well for us after much trial and error. (I later found a simpler way to get Chuck to eat his herbs – you can skip this next part and scroll down further to the UPDATE).

I buy chicken or turkey when on sale. I simmer the skinless chicken in water for about an hour+ to get all the remaining fat out. I then package the cooked chicken into 2-3 day servings that are frozen separately, so the meat does not have a chance to spoil while it is being used up. I use freezer bags, or recycled plastic containers from yogurt or cottage cheese. I cool the remaining chicken stock in the fridge until the congealed fat can be taken off the top, then I pour the clear stock into small 2-3 day serving containers for freezing. (I would grate fresh raw garlic into the broths which is additional insurance against future spoilage and is good as a flea repellent, but lately I think it is too harsh for Chuck’s stomach). I take one package of meat and broth out of the freezer as I need it (and place it in a pot of hot water if I need it to thaw quickly), and make sure to use it up within 2-3 days.

With the turkey (which is preferable as it is even blander and less fatty than the chicken), I will roast a turkey on a rack in the oven – eat the dark meat for myself (as it tends to be too rich for Chuck’s stomach), and save the white meat for him, and package into 2-3 days’ worth containers. I will also make a huge pot of turkey stock with the carcass, refrigerate to skim off all the congealed fat, and then freeze up the clear stock in 2-3 day containers. When making stock, it is very good to simmer with all the bones for several hours. Chinese medicine believes there are very potent beneficial compounds within the bones and marrow.

I take about 1/4 cup of stock + chicken or turkey and mix this into a slurry. Then add the two herbal powders as per prescribed dosage based on weight. Chuck prefers it cool – right out of the fridge.

mash 1

scoop of powdered herbs ready to be mixed into chicken/broth slurry

The main thing is to find anything to get your pooch to gobble up the herbs up as an appetizer before the regular meal. I do know of one dog who will eat the herbs mixed into his plain dry food with a little broth.

UPDATE: I found a much easier way to get Chuck to eat the herbs. I mix the herbs into about a 1/4 cup of melted vanilla ice cream or plain yogurt and he really goes for it before his regular meal. [update 2011 – I would not do this again unless I could find ice cream with no sugar or artificial sweeteners – so a sugar-free “Plain” Yogurt might be something to try instead]

UPDATE II: A reader offers this great tip on how to make special cookies to make the chinese herbs fun to eat.

UPDATE III: I’ve found that mixing the herbs very well with about 1/3 cup of raw hamburger and then hand feeding chunks also works well.

I then mix in Missing Link– a natural source vitamin, Omega 3, and fiber supplement for pets that I feel has been very helpful for Chuck. You can find this very popular pet product anywhere online. This stuff always helps him produce a VERY healthy bowel movement.

I add a tablespoon of Flaxseed Meal which has helped keep his coat very shiny and super smooth. This is a result that becomes very obvious within a week – well worth a try if you never have before. (I was giving him Flaxseed Oil gel caps, but found he was having trouble digesting them and lately have been having success with the ground flaxseed meal which I take too). A reader comment below alerted me to the fact that some dogs are allergic to Flaxseed Oil (perhaps from some processing methods?) and recommended using fish oil products instead. In trying to find more info on this, I found a variety of opinions, so trial and error observation probably makes the most sense to see which might benefit your pet. [UPDATE: this reader comment suggests avoiding flaxseed, and sticking with an all protein and fat diet to avoid inflammation, which in hindsight I think might have been better for Chuck. I would encourage people to research the RAW food diet for dogs].

I add some Pancreatic Enzymes – digestive enzymes – which I came to realize he needed when I discovered his body was not able to digest the gelatin caps. I used a “people” formula that consists of lipase, amylase, and protease. This seems to have helped Chuck with his digestive troubles.

I then chop up his Glucosamine/Chondriotin tablet and toss it into the food, and then toss in the Shen Tong Zhu Yu Wan* which are the tiny round pills for his leg pain.

At one point Chuck was on Carafate and/or Metoclopramide(Reglan) for his sensitive stomach. A good friend who had been raised on a farm with lots of animals told me to try giving Chuck buttermilk to coat and calm his stomach before meals. I hesitated for a long time, thinking it would be too rich or fatty. But it has turned out to be another Godsend – and works very very well as an appetizer to his meals – and the dense nutrition/calories was a bonus when I was trying to keep him from loosing weight.

I also have been having good luck using slippery elm tea to sooth the GI tract before meals. I simmer some powdered slippery elm in water until it starts to thicken, then pour it into ice cube trays. Then I freeze it, and thaw out a couple cubes as needed for use before each meal. I add just a bit of chicken broth to make sure Chuck laps it all up before I feed him his solid food.

When concerned about him not eating well/enough – I will chop us some hardboiled eggs into his food – he really likes it.

This is a lot of work for sure, but it has been working for us, and I have gotten a tremendous sense of satisfaction knowing all my efforts have helped keep Chuck doing well. In early 2006, I tapered off the Shen Tong Zhu Yu Wan pills for leg pain, and as of June 2006 he seems to be doing fine so far, which suggests that the other two remaining herbs have somehow managed to resolve or at least eliminate the pain from the bone tumor.


The last part of Chuck’s amazing story which I feel is important to credit is that he has been in the prayers of two very close and devoted friends.

I hope you or a friend never have to face this type of challenge with your beloved pet, but if you do, and would like to try an alternative approach that has been nothing short of miraculous for us, then I encourage you to check this out. The Chinese Veterinary Herb web site has many different formulas for many different health conditions for large and small animals – and they are a LOT cheaper than pharmaceutical drugs and in our case – offered hope and success where western “mainstream” medicine had none. Your Veterinarian can consult with the Dr. Xie website and get recommendations for a formula that might help your pet with a variety of conditions.

The very same week Chuck had been diagnosed with lung cancer in the Fall of 2003, my best human friend of 18 years had gotten the same diagnosis and prognosis – of about 6 months.

My friend Raf suffered through a horrible year of chemotherapy at Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital in NYC – the very “best” of care, before he passed away after a month in a wretched morphine stupor. At one point, he said he wished he could have taken something like what Chuck was taking….I wish he could have too.



~  some updated bits ~

[2011] – more and more I’m realizing DIET is a critical aspect that can mean the difference between health and illness. Americans are getting sicker and enslaved to more and more medications, and our pets are too. It appears in many ways we are being slowly poisoned for profit and control – while it’s being marketed to us under the guise of economy and modern convenience. If I could have done things differently, I would have never fed Chuck the big name commercially prepared dog food.

If articles like this about possible problems with commercially prepared dog food concern you, I would encourage looking into the RAW food diet for dogs. Here is a good intro web page to the BARF RAW diet for dogs. There are also quite a few videos on YouTube of people feeding their dogs RAW food.

Or if you haven’t found a good commercial dog food that doesn’t use corn and wheat, check out the ingredients in the labels for this brand of dog food – from Taste of the Wild.

In January 2008, the Today Show had a story and video on another Holistic Veterinarian in Long Island, New York who was also helping animals with Chinese herbs and acupuncture.

Here is a link to an acupuncture article provided by a reader that you might want to check out, as many others have reported it being helpful for various pet problems.

A reader commented on the use of Essiac for pet cancer. I have been very intrigued by my prior research into this product for personal reasons, and was intrigued further finding it as a pet product with some pet owners reporting benefits.

Another reader recommended avoiding sugars and (inflammatory) grains for the best cancer treatment diet, and sticking with a protein and fats instead.





R.I.P. October 24, 2006

My dearly beloved Chuck passed away from a heart attack in my arms at home. He was almost 14 years old, and had survived nearly three years with the bone and lung cancer. He had been eating less and less the past few months, and it was making it very difficult for him to get his daily Chinese herbs eaten, and once his daily dosage dropped, it seemed like the cancer gained ground and he started to lose too much weight. I wish I had discovered the melted ice cream trick sooner – I think he could have continued to do well longer if he had been getting the full dose herbal treatment. I am so thankful for the extra years I was given with Chuck – we shared a very special tenderness and love during his final days that will be the most treasured moments of my life. I hope his story can help others.

Bless all of you who love your animals.



Chuck with his best four-legged friend, Muff. Bless You Muff – R.I.P.


You can see Chucky’s funeral by clicking here.


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  1. Mac Says:

    Thanks, buddy. Your commitment and devotion to your pal was heart-warming and truly inspiring. I’m glad you shared your story with me and other readers. I hope I never need these herbs, but if I do…at least I’ll feel more prepared.

  2. Craig Says:

    You truly are an animal lover. I only wish there were more people like you. 😉


    […] miraclepooch wrote an interesting post today on ~ FOR EVERYONE WHO LOVES THEIR ANIMALS ~Here’s a quick excerptFor about $50/month, Chuck started taking three Chinese Herbal medications:. Wei Qi Booster (by Dr. Xie’s Jing-Tang Herbal) – a powdered herb that acts as general tonic to help revitalize the body’s own defenses and helps fight tumors. … […]

  4. Cathy Says:

    Wow…what an amazing story. You are a wonderful human being and Chuck was so blessed to have you, and I’m sure you feel blessed to have had Chuck in your life.

  5. Shawna Says:

    Thank you for sharing this amazing story…it is almost fiction. This story should be a book and a movie! Wow…you have a wonderful fur-angel by your side (or, I should say angels–Muff is really cute too)! This world is such a better place with people like you in it (and of course, all the animals)!

  6. Zoe Says:

    This is a purr-fect story about true friendship…

  7. DK Says:

    Hi Mike,
    Bless your heart for the love and devotion you gave to Chuck. He was blessed to have had such a loving dad… and you were blessed to have had his unconditional love. You have our sympathy as we feel your loss and pain.
    Deb & Ken

  8. Frances Says:

    Mike, thank you so much for taking the time to write your story and spread the word. Right now I am trying to bide some time with my dog Nicky (Collie, Retriever mix) who was diagnosed with cancer of the Spleen. The vet told us he would not live through the weekend when we brought him in on Dec. 19 2007. We chose to have it was removed and take whatever chance we might have to have him with us a little longer. Unfortunately, it had already spread to his liver. Our Vet has given him 3-6 months to live. It is now 1 1/2 months. In the meantime I found out about a Holistic Vet on Long Island and have taken Nicky to him twice so far. He is on 30 capsules of chinese herbs – 15 in the morning, 15 in the evening. I tried all different ways to get him to take the capsules but for Nicky the best luck I have had so far is with peanut butter. He loves it! Last time we went to see the vet I told him I could not afford the $ 350 for 15 days worth of herbs so I now am giving him the herbs in a powered form – it is not nearly as easy as it was before to get him to take it but the cost is now reduced to $150. for 3 weeks worth of herbs. I thank you for the melted vanilla ice cream tip – I will try it tonight. Like you, I love my dog with all my heart – he is 12 years old and has added so much to our family. I will do whatever is in my power to help him, as long as he is not in pain. Right now I wanted to just thank you for sharing your story. I may have some questions/advise to ask you in the future.
    Bless you and I am sorry about your loss. I have had alot of time to think about life without Nicky lately and I have come to the conclusion that it will never be long enough… I will never be ready to give him up…

  9. Gwen Says:

    I came across your site searching primary lung tumors in dogs and I wanted to commend you on sharing your story and Chuck’s. I have a similar story with my 13.5 year Weimeraner, Bella who had her hind legs go down seven years ago and since seen the holistic side of veterinary medicine. She still receives acupucture and chiropractic adjustments and had not eaten dog food in almost four years. We’ve done the herbs and supplements, and survived 3 cancer scares. We’ve even had custom wheeled cart made for her which she has refused to use ( don’t tell her she’s a special needs patient). Most recently, we had a diagnosis of a primary lung tumor with chronic bronchitis, that being said, Bella is doing really well on her meds and feeling like herself at 5. She was running and playing tag in the backyard yesterday. Thank you so much for sharing your story with Chuck. Like all great dogs that enter into our lives for a reason, Chuck will be sadly missed.

  10. Diana Says:

    Dear Mike,
    I was forwarded your story by Gwen (above comments). I just met her last week over the phone. She has been so kind and helpful to me. I have a 17 year old shepherd mix named Ranger. She was originally my boyfriends dog & 3-1/2 years ago she became “our” Dog. Ranger survived a major surgery which we thought she would not recover from. I nursed her back to health & she had been living a great life until about 1 year ago when she began having back problems. We took her to a chiropractor & then last August she started seeing another vet who started her on Adequon & then Accupuncture after we found out that she had degenerative myelopathy & bilateral hip dysplasia. Last Wednesday, I came home from work & found her down & with no use of her back legs. It looks as if the damage is permanent & the high dose steroids she was on has torn up her stomach & killed her appetite. Just this morning I noticed her having difficulty swallowing the only thing she will eat-her biscuits. I am a Nurse and having been literally playing dog nurse to her since last week. I met Gwen through a website for Doggie Wheelchairs. Gwen had her dog “Bella’s” posted on the site and I contacted her and I purchase her cart. I can’t wait to get Ranger in it to see if it will help lift her spirits. I bought her a wagon & have been taking her and our 15month old Shepherd, Scout, for walks. It seems to be helping her some. To make matters worse, Ranger’s Daddy, Chris, is in Iraq. He is due to be home in 2 months. I promised him that I would keep her alive and well for his return. He adores Ranger more than life! He is aware of Ranger’s condition & is greatful for all that I and the vets & other people who I’ve contacted, are trying to do to help her. The Chinese Herbs sound like a great idea. As soon as she starts to eat a little, I’m going to try them out on her. Your story and photos were very touching & I wish you and your new dog well. Please keep Ranger in your prayers. Thanks for being so devoted to Chuck and for sharing your story.

  11. Shannon Says:

    I went through a similar story with the love of my life. She was a malamute. Thanks for loving your Chuck so much. Somehow it makes the world a better place to have people capable of such love as you.

  12. Karen Says:

    I sympathize with you loosing yourbest friend. I can honestly say that I know how you feel. I lost my beloved black lab Buddy 4 years ago, and I still miss him terribly, I wish I had known about Chineese herbs back then. He died of Osteosarcoma in his shoulder.
    My beloved living Yellow Lab, Mickey has also had amazing results with Chineese Herbs. He suffered lung collapse (spontaneous pneumothorax) last April, and we opted out of surgery..brought him home, and nursed him back to health by cooking his food ourselves, and putting him on Chineese herbs. I found a practitioner in Oregon who recommended the formula for him. They are raw herbs, that I cook, and then he takes 1/2 cup a day of the tea. I have to bribe him to take it with a little of his food mixed in, or a bit of chopped stead leftovers.
    He just had another bout with the pneumothorax, but the vets said that this time, we couldn’t depend on bringing him home..Chest tubes were not working, so we opted to have the surgery for him. He is doing very well..but the surgery is worse than anything I have ever been through in my life. It looks like open heart surgery…He had the upper right section of his lung removed, as it ws damaged…
    I took him off the herbs in March, because he was doing so well..then this happened…I have him back on them now..but just wanted to let you know that I am a firm beleiver in the Chineese herbs. I will never take him off them again. He also gets other supplements for other problems he has.
    Mickey was a puppy mill puppy bought in a pet store. You can see his site at webster2.tripod.com/meetmickeyapetstorepuppy and visit him on his My Space page.
    Bless you for taking care of Gods creature the way you have..You will be rewarded.
    If only there were more people like you in this world, it would definately make it a better place.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  13. jing-tang heart qi tonic Says:

    My dog is 14 years old. she has a heart murmur with heavy breathing for no reason. she could be resting and the heavy breathing starts. a chinese vet gave her the above drug, but it doesn’t last a whole month.
    When she first started it I saw a difference for the better.

    Do you sell this herbal medicine? how much is it for the whole month?

    Please reply,

  14. jing-tang heart qi tonic Says:

    My best friend is a dog and she is 14 years old. Her heart is starting to give her problems, since she has a heart murmur. If anyone knows where I can purchase jing-tang heart qi tonic. I would be forever thankful.

    Hoping to keep sasha as happy and healthy as before!

  15. RJ Beilke Says:

    Hi from the Bridge. I took the chinese herbs for 6 months and was doing very well after having my front leg amputated. The day after I was at the dog park I went right down hill, suffering from adema in my legs.

    So sorry to say the herbs don’t work for everyone.

    My Mom misses me alot!!!!!!!!!

  16. Liz Says:

    Hi Mike,

    My dog, Foster, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma last October. My vet (an Oncologist), gives him the herbs you are speaking about, plus other pain meds and accupuncture. Also I wrap his leg with the Bone Stasis mixed with vitamin E oil for 12 hours per day. He takes half of a Pepcid A/C twice a day for any stomach problems. Foster was given about 3-4 months to live and he is going on 6 months. He plays and runs with the other dogs! Thanks so much for your website. I am sure you and Chuck have saved many beloved pets because of it.


  17. yolande Says:

    My French Bulldog was diagnosed with malignant lymphoma now 5 months ago. I have refused chemotherapy, yet have given him a variety of supplements, a.o. multivitamines, cat’s claw, curcuma, artemisinine, fish oil and injections with mistletoe extract (frequently used by anthropologists in cases of cancer). He has lived already longer than the 2 month average given him. Now I shall start Chinese herbs on the advice of my vet (this shall replace the mistletoe).
    The main reason for my response is that there should be given more publicity and naturally be more research done on the -positive- effects of alternative medication in cases of cancer, hence also my appreciation for this site.

  18. Jen Says:

    Beautiful story about Chuck. I lost my best friend “Dingo” (I think a lab/Shepard mix) two years ago to GI lymphoma. She was shaking and wouldn’t get up one night. After she started throwing up and at the recommendation of my vet, I took her to the emergancy clinic. Once we were there she seemed to be doing better and I decided to take a chance and just take her home, being that it was $110 just to walk in the door and $175 for bloodwork. One week later she did the same only it seemed worse. I brought her to my local vet were he did some x-rays and told me she had cancer, though he didn’t know what kind or how bad. We had her stay over night and I had gone to visit her and she was doing worse by the minute. We had and appointment with the oncologist at the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan, but I knew she wouldn’t make it the few days until the appt. So I packed her up and made the 2 hour drive to the AMC’s emergancy room. My very friendly, social puppy dog just laid flat out on the floor of the emergancy room while we waited. Once they did a catscan they came out and told us that she had a blockage in her intestines but they didn’t know if it was a tumor or perhaps something she ate. Our choice was to put her down right then and there or have them open her up and take a look. She had been through a lot with me and had been a wonderful dog. Very smart and extremely lovable. I had to give her a fighting chance. The doctors discovered a tumor had ruptured in her intestines and the cancer was all over. They had to remove a large amount of her intestines and do 2 blood transfusions. She was in ICU for 9 days with a huge team of doctors watching her every move 24/7. She was fed through a stomach tub and had to bags hanging off of her draining the extra stomach fluids she was producing. We went every other day to see her and were in constant contact with the doctors. She was finally released once she was stable. The considered her a miracle just to have survived the surgery. (You should have seen her when we would take her for her short walks at the hospital….She would stop at people and there pets as if to say, “Hi, I’m Dingo, Welcome the the Animal Medical Center, you’ll be just fine.”

    We were sent home with food to feed her through the tube. Which we found she loved to eat it and just fed it straight to her! We fed her chicken and rice and tried to keep her on a high protein diet. We opted to give a middle grade chemo treatment a chance. About a week after her first dose she had a terrible reaction and ended up at our oncologist in Fishkill. She had her ups and downs and the day before she passed away was beautiful and I had let her stay outside and I had come home from work and spent an extra long luch break with her and our other dog. The next morning at approx. 5:30 am my husband says to me as I was sleeping, “Dingo died last night.” I went from sleep to crouching on the floor next to her in the bathroom. I think she was still going as we found her. I swear I felt her heart a couple of times and her eyes still had that “light”. I talked to her and told her we loved her and that everything was going to be ok.

    We took her to our property where we have sence built our home and I can see where she lays from my kitchen window and visit often. I had told her the day before that I knew how sick she was and if she had to “let go”, to go ahead. So I feel she felt it was time too. I feel better knowing that she went when her body was done and not by putting her down and always wondering if it was really time.

    Now my other “baby”, Chewie. Who grew up with Dingo sence he was 3 months old has been given 3 months. He has cancer in his chest/lungs. I know the other route. I know the money it takes the other route. So I am feeding him white fatty fish, chicken, chicken gizzards, turkey, radishes, red cabbage, spinach (green leafy vegis) as well as Wei Qi Booster, Stasis Breaker, Qing Fei San, Prednisone and Cimetidine. A week ago I noticed he looked like he felt awful and his 3rd eyelid was covering his eye. The vet looked at him and thought it was just his stomach bothering him. Then the next day he started to have clusters of seizures and was coughing/choking. I had been on the phone back and forth with my vet and he seemed to be getting worse so I took him into the emergancy clinic at 10 at night. They said his blood looked great and he physically looked fine. So I brought him home and a day later took him into my vet on his off day because he started to throwing up and seemed much worse. He gave him an IV for slight dehydration and 3 shots to help with nausea/pain. The next day he did his x-rays and showed me all the spots throughout.

    My vet has known me sence I was a young child and knew I would want to help Chewie (Dalmation/lab mix). So we are giving a high protein diet and Chinease herbs a chance. Keep your fingers (and toes) crossed. By the way all of this happened as my husband was driving to Oklahoma to work because there is nothing going on around here and now I am home alone with Chewie and our 14 month old son. My mom and sister were a blessing last Sat. when I needed the help.

  19. David Forjan Says:


    I am further inspired by your devotion, persistence, and love. Thank you for posting Chuck’s and your experiences. Especially since I have used these herbs for my boy dog, and he’s lived longer already than the vet thought. And I am now using them again for my girl dog, who was diagnosed with osteosarcoma last Thursday.

    Reading about your lives gives me yet more encouragement about my girl Annie’s chances. Like I keep saying, and as you obviously know, “we’ll keep on fighting till the end”.

    Mostly I am grateful because you taught me that I can not stop feeding these herbs to my canine kids. I haven’t stopped giving them to Zack, he’s been on them since February, although I now give him about 1/3 of the original dosage, like he’s on a maintenance amount now. And he’s still doing just fine. And Annie will also keep getting them. And thanks to you I know I can never take that chance of stopping this herbal treatment. And I’m glad to do so because these kids are just great. Like Chuck was to you.

    One more thing. I use a cookie recipe for feeding these herbs to them, and they like the cookies. I crumble the cookies in with their meal, with that much less dry dog food. But they also like them by themselves. Here’s that recipe for anyone who so desires it. Keep in mind that many vets recommend a high fat content when treating cancer, since cancer cells grow best with carbohydrates as fuel, but they don’t grow well at all with fatty foods. The peanut butter in the recipe is a high fat food. Here’s the recipe:

    Peanut Butter Meringue Cookies. Makes 16 cookies

    Let 3 eggs warm to room temperature (for easy whipping)
    Separate the whites from yolks, the whites will be whipped. The yolks I save to give as a treat to Annie and Zack, a little at a time.

    In one bowl:
    Whip egg whites
    Add the meds in question into the whipped egg whites (In this recipe I add 2 days worth of the herbs. probably could add 3 days worth)

    In another bowl:
    add 1/4 cup of molasses
    add 1/4 cup of hot water
    add 1 cup peanut butter
    whip all that

    add the peanut butter stuff to the egg white stuff, and whip more

    spoon a teaspoon full of the mix onto a cookie sheet as one cookie. I put 8 onto a cookie sheet at at time, making two batches.
    bake at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.
    do the next batch.

    They actually taste quite good. Just a faint taste of the herbs, which taste awful. Mostly they taste like peanut butter. The meringue adds some substance to them so they bake well.

    Thanks again for posting your experiences, photos.

    Like I said I am now more encouraged and inspired because of you and Chuck.

    Be well.

    David Forjan

    P.S. For hip dysplasia and osteo arthritis, I’ve added Adequan for Zack and it did wonders for him. Like he was 3 years younger. Much, much better results than the NSAiDS and Dasuquin, although he still needs to take those. But he keeps going and going.

  20. Alex & Joan Says:

    Hi Mike:

    We just read your story and what a great person you are. We have a Dogue de Bordoux named Ginger. She just celebrated her 6th birthday on July 16,2009. Two days prior she had a tumer removed from her skull the size of half a peach. The report back was not good, Osteosarcoma. The vet said that maybe she has 3 months left. She is just the best dog and our best friend.

    Our Vet is Howard Rothstein and he is just the best. He gave us all of the standard things we could do. Chemo, Radiation, etc. Then he said I have had success with Chinease herbs. He gave us the exact same herbs from the same place that you got yours. Also the high fat diet. She is on these now for about 3 days and we think she is doing better. Her stiches don’t come out until July 31, 2009. We are really praying a lot for her. She is just a youg puppy at 6. Any and all advise would be welcome

    Alex and Joan

    • Alex and Joan Says:

      It’s now a little over a month since our last post. Ginger had surgery to remove the original tumor on her head at the end of July. She tolerated that pretty well, but the Vet couldn’t get it all so we knew it could grow back. It is growing back now and her her head looks a bit misshapen. We have her on Prednisone, Omega 3’s, Bone Stasis, high protein and fat diet, glucosamine and vitamins. We have to get inventive trying to get the pills and the Bone Stasis into her. You’re right -Bone Stasis looks and feels like dirt. First we were putting it into raw meat and she gobbled that up. Now she’s refusing that. So I’m making capsules out of the Bone Stasis and giving them to her using pill pockets – or cheese – or whatever else I can wrap around a capsule. Gotta stay one step ahead… Ginger seems to be responding to all of this. Some days the tumor that’s growing again on her skull looks bigger – and some days it looks smaller. I’d love to try the cookies. Does anyone know what happens to the Bone Stasis if it’s cooked? That woul be the only thing we’d be concerned about.

      Thanks for this blog. It’s making things a bit easier to bear…
      Alex nd Joan

  21. Stephanie, Logan and Rudy Says:

    Hi Mike,
    What a great blog! Thanks so much for posting it. I absolutely LOVE the picture of Chuck and Muff! It should be in a magazine!
    Our 11 year old Logan (yellow lab) just went through his 2nd round of chemo for oral osteosarcoma today (already went through mandibulectomy surgery and recovered quite well). A spepcialist finally gave us some herbs and supplements that we start him on tomorrow, and after reading your info, I’m feeling pretty positive about it! You can check out Logan’s full story at the blog I’ve posted above. Thanks again!

  22. Brenda Says:

    Chuck – you’re story touched my heart! We are going through a similar thing with our 14 yr old german shepherd, Darla. She already had arthritis and must have fallen down the stairs when we weren’t home. That was a month ago – she cannot use her back legs, cannot walk. We take her for acupuncture and she is on Chinese herbs. So, almost a month later, she went from having to be turned every half hour to turning herself. She helps us a bit more with the doggie lift strap – has more energy. We do not want to put her down because she hasn’t given up so neither will we. Please pray for her – she is my best friend. Thanks

  23. susan Says:

    chuck i have read your story twice, i am always surfing the internet for anything new. I have two little buddies winston who has lymphoma and his brother henry same age they are four. I tried the chemo thing and idd not like what it didto winston, the throwing up the diarhea, and the lethargy. and the growchiness towards everyone including henry. i kneew i would not do this to myself if i got cancer i am sort of a health freak. i believe in bio identical hormones for people and have done much research of this and other things i am a member of life extension magazine which everyone should atleast try to get the magizine and read some of the prints as the doctors that are in there are all cutting edge doctors they are willing to try new things and discover supplements for how they can help you i found a site on line for herbs and essential oils that are for people with cancer and i have started using them on my dog and i stopped the chemo, i did two treatments on him i paid for the third which is in a bag they gave me and i did not do it . i found a vet who practices holistic here in florida so she said she would oversee what i am doing to my dog she has prescribed the stasis breaker tea pills and the wei qu booster pills we have been doing this for about one month with her but when we did not give the third chemo treatment his lymph glands around his neckk started to grow again so i am not sure how much these chinese herbs are doing so i kinda got desperate and started to search the web and found this site which may be helpful for some of you out there it its calledcancer fighting strategies.com i used the store they have on line and ordered some of their products to fight the tumors along with the chinese herbs it says if you do not see results to increase the dosage so i did that and the dog is eating pretty good and he is looking really good and playing good lots of energy the vet thinks he looks great she has never said there is a cure for cancer like the site says but she is going along with us and sometimees when i ask her something she does not really give me a reply i belileve she is not cutting edge yet still afraid of the system but i beleive she will be cutting edge someday the stuff i ordered did not cost me as much as the chemo, we went through about 2,000 between the regular vet and the chemo vet matter of fact i think it was closer to 2,500 i wish i would have found tis site sooneer. i think it is very important to cut out all sugar as this feeds the cancer. and i mean all sugar like bananas turn to sugar the minute they hit the stomache aids, watermelon the same grapes also but we all know that dogs do not eat grapes, very dangerous for them, toxic actually, please read the site get some stuff i bought the 2 best products from their site if you read their site you will see that things are rated best by their number system i bought the omni essential oil elixir and the ph balancer 8.0 i also bought the zeolite enchanced with dhq these are to fight the cancer the dog has been on them for about twoweeks and the tumors are shrinking, these are the ones i can feel in his neck i cannot tell you about the ones in his stomache and spleen.i also bought the total flora 15 this is to build good bacteria in your system and i also bought the prp immune modulator combo this is actually colostrum from milk which is what newborns get when they first breast feed right after being born this is for his immune system to build him up i think that i am going to order theoxy dhq to use with the zeolite and i would like to get the ge pro coq max for him i am giving him my coq 10 right now but i think this may be a better one he was on a lot of supplements but since seeing the vet she gave us a multi for dogs i have not researched the dosages yeeeeet when you have cancer in people it is better to have the high but maybe not for dogs i did not give him mine as i was not sure if there was some vitamin in there that maybe was not good for dogs so i was only giving him the vitamins that i read were good for dogs with cancer i found these on this site chris loops,dvm-homeopathic veterinarian-cancer treatment& supplements so he was taking fish oil(make sure it is a really good one not all are cold pressed aloha medicinals has one and the site i gave you has one i use mine from my chiroopracter and my longevity dr also gave me one i know is good. i also am giving him the total flora or you can get some acidophilus from a health food store make sure it is refirigerated when you buy it, and after you bring it home. very important as this keeps it alive. i also gave 2000 mg of vit c it doesn’t hurt as he will pee out what he does not need. also gave primrose oil and vit e and vit b and vit d and ala, andsulforaphane support which i think is very important, it is broccoli in a pill600mgs. and transreservatrol i stopped all of these as i am now giving the multi from the vet but i still give the acidophilous and the fish oil and the primrose oil and the others from the company on lilne and the chinese herbs from the vet it is too soon to tell if this will work to cure and i say cure the cancer but if it does i will write totell you but i can say that he was given 2 to 6 weeks to live and it has been three months and if the tumors keep shrinking well what can i say except what i believe thaat the vets and doctors are taught what the medical schools teact and they are given the instructions from the pharmaseuticals that run everything from our gov’t (fda) to our doctors to their schools its all big money if this does not work for my dog then i am at a loss as to what to do for myself if i ever get cancer as i will not do the norm and make the fat cats richer. thanks

  24. Stacey McDermott Says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your dog Chuck. You were so fortunate to have each other in your lives. I love all the pics and thanks so much for sharing your story. My dog was diagnosed with visceral hemangiosarcoma on May 31, 2010. We live in Atlanta and took him to the University of Pennsylvania (as well as a wholistic vet in New York) for second opinions. He just had his 4th chemotherapy treatment on Tuesday-we found out on Aug 10 that his cancer metastasized to his liver (it is also in his heart and spleen and quite possibly the lungs). Penn recommended we discontinue chemo (doxirubicin). The wholistic vet in New York recommended Poly MVA-have you ever heard of it?? We are also doing anti cancer diet, salmon oil, essaic tea, Yunnan Baiyo (to prevent beeding), Coq10 for the heart, and wei qi booster (as well as enzymes for digestion). Thanks again for sharing your story!!

  25. Annette Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing Chuck’s story. I also had a longtime canine companion (a big dog, like Chuck), who suffered from a variety of ailments during the past few years…She was my best friend for the first dozen years of her life, but I cherish those last few years even more because of the constant love she gave me as I cared for her. I lost her a couple of years ago. She lived a long, and mostly healthy, life for 15 years (not bad for being half Irish Wolfhound!)

    I came across your story as I searched for info on wei-qi booster for my cat, who was recently diagnosed with squamous-cell carcinoma. Your story and many of the comments others have posted are very helpful. Thank you!

  26. Jordan Says:

    Wow! thats really sad. My dog is also a german sheperd/ rhodesian ridgeback mix. She looks SO much like Chuck. Even has that totally grey muzzle. Shes 10 and I really hope she can make it to 14!

  27. Meat Grinders Says:

    ,.- I am very thankful to this topic because it really gives useful information :.”

  28. Thornhill Says:

    Thank you for sharing Chuck’s story. I have a mini-dachshund (4 years old) that has recently been very sick. Luckily my vet using the Chinese herbals and acupunture and he is doing so much better. It’s very hard getting the tiny little pills down him so I am blessed to find your information about how to possibly get them down him much easier and more reliably.

    Your devotion to your four-legged partner’s care is awesome. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your life with him.

  29. Melissa Says:

    I was doing a casual search to find more info on Jing Tang’s herbal remedies when I came upon your story. What a beautiful and sad story it is. Chuck sounds like he was a remarkable dog, and I’m thrilled that he had that extra time with you, his devoted doggy dad. I have my dog on the cancer powder that is in your story. They are just benign fatty tumors, but I didn’t want them to get out of hand. My vet recommended it, and I was happy to try it. Fortunately he doesn’t hesitate to eat it, I just powder his food and splash some water on it. I’m sure eventually I’ll have to spice it up. He’s an 8 year old golden mix who is often confused for a 2 year old.
    Reading your story told me I’m doing the right thing, going with traditional medicine and acting early to prevent a worse condition.
    I’m sorry for your loss, I do hope you find love again in the four legged form… it’s not a hard love to fall into 😉

  30. Betsy Says:

    with tear drenched cheeks, I write. what a poignant love story. I do have a question though about Chinese herbs. our holistic vet is asking us to try bone statis for one of our little geriatric girls who is recovering from a spinal insult — we opted out of surgery and went the course of accupuncture, massage and PT — when we started she was unable to walk and is now able to do the Shaynie warble with and w/o her cart — unfortunately though her spine now seems twistted — — any i digress– like the idea of peanut better merengie cookies but does an herb like bone statis lose potency when heated/baked? — thanks for listening and your response

  31. Sharlon Claxton Says:

    Thank you for your personal experience. My Presa Canario now 9 yrs old was dxd with Osteosarcoma in the right eyebrow and down right side of nose last Sept 2010 was given 3 mos to live. Chemo and Rad was suggested but I refused and went holistic and now stasis breaker, she is still with me today and doing well.

  32. DogMa Says:

    WARNING TO EVERYONE: Dogs with cancer have to have a SUGAR FREE DIEt (ice cream, most yogurt, etc). Sugar is the food that cancer eats to grow and spread. NO SUGAR, NO CARBS is the foundation for a dog’s cancer diet. Even brushing teeth (critical here) is difficult as ALL dog toothpaste has either sugar or a form of sugar (sorbitol). NO SUGAR or you are feeding the cancer with every granule.

    These blogs and such are helpful for learning but it is important to work with a HOLISTIC VET who deals with cancer in dogs in order to get all the right supplements and such for the dog’s specific health and condition. It’s cheaper to consult the professional than try it on your own when you deal with a disease that moves fast like this.


    There are a handful of components to treating pets with cancer. DIET (raw or seared so the nutrients are killed, NO carbs or sugar), SUPPLEMENTS (ideas: cat’s claw, mushrooms and green tea like CAS Options or K9, shark’s cartilage, resveratrol. VITAMIN C is critical as are other vitamins, minerals and organ supplements, etc), HOMEOPATHY (this attacks the weakness to succumb to the cancer on a cellular level), CHINESE HERBS (he did good here), and Vascustatin and Maitake-DMG for phenomenal cancer killing capabilities.

    READ THIS ARTICLE TO GET THE BEST HANDLE ON HOW TO TREAT YOUR PET and then find a holistic vet (some do phone consults so if you don’t have one in your area, find one who will review your records and advise you via telephone). A Holistic Approach for the Treatment of Cancer
    Joe Demers, DVM, CVA, CVH – LINK: http://cancer.landofpuregold.com/the-pdfs/holistic.pdf

  33. DogMa Says:

    Everyone, dog’s bodies were designed to live 25-30 years. We feed them garbage (literally) laced with toxins and then wonder why they die early, usually diseased.

    Pet food should be:
    NO WHEAT CORN OR SOY (the 3 most common allergens in dogs)

    If you can find a food with these few caveats, you will have a healthier dog, less prone to disease of any kind.

    Vets do not have an education in nutrition. Do not go to a vet for food or nutrition information. The few days they are taught about food is taught by the large pet food manufacturers. I’ve seen the textbooks and confirmed it with the vets I know. Would you let a McDonalds manager teach you how to feed your children for life?

    Vaccines are the other issue that shortens dog’s lives and brings disease. Vaccines (even according the manufacturers of the vaccines!) last for life. A vaccine is based on cell memory so you only need to introduce it to the cells once. Any more shots bombard the immune system with disease for no reason. Something else vets don’t tell you: you can do puppy vaccines one at a time, 3 weeks apart instead of bombarding a little creature with 5 diseases at once (DHLPP). It’s a wonder they survive that alone. Read up on vaccine dangers on the internet and make your own decisions. Your dog will not make as much money for the vets in terms of shots and disease but we’re not here to help then live in style but to protect our innocents who trust us to make healthy decisions for them.

    And lastly, any vet who recommends vaccinating an older dog or a sick dog should be tarred and feathered. Run away from people like that and they will eventually be forced to see the light or find a new vocation. They are only in business because we support their bad advice and practice.


    HERE’S A LINK TO VACCINE HORROR STORIES AND WAYS TO AVOID THEM: http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/petvaccchambreau.htm

  34. judy Says:

    I stumble upon “Miracle Pooch” and it gave me hope. My rescue boy, Harry, who appears to be part setter part giant schnauzer, Approximately 8 yrs old recently had emergency surgery, transfusions, etc. Bottom line he was bleeding into the abdominal cavity due to a ruptured liver tumor which turned out to be HEMANGIOSARCOMA. I am hoping that the chinese herbs will provide quality to prolong his life. Thanks for sharing. If any one has any experience with this I’d love to here about it.

  35. Betsy C Says:

    I wish I knew your name, owner of Chuck – I couldn’t find it here – but at any rate, you did an incredible job caring for Chuck, and maybe you did things, like feed him ice-cream to get his herbs, that others say don’t do for cancer pets, but hey, you got him to almost 14 which is great for a big dog without cancer! Thank you for sharing. I wish I knew you, but is heartening to know people like you exist. I am learning more and more about TCM since my parents’ dog has a mammary tumor, and I’m using Wei Qi Booster for my 13 year old Aussie who has a variety of problems, though thankfully not cancer. A very low carb raw diet is the best IMHO and I have fed it to my dogs for over 10 years since having lost two dogs by the age of 8 to cancers while feeding them “super premium” kibbles. Kibble is just bad no matter what excellent holistic brand you use, especially for cats!

    I’m so glad I stumbled across “Miracle Pooch!”

  36. Debbie Says:

    Thank you Mike for your wonderful story about CHUCK & your amazing journey, hope all is well with you. My 12yrold baby is battling bladder cancer, I’m using every natural thing under the sun to fight this wicked thing, I’ve since found out about HYDRAZINE SULFATE, with noted very promising results, it’s for humans & pets especially when they are losing weight. This has taken over my life, Andy is all I live for now & believe me we are fighting hard & I won’t allow this thing to take his life especially when he’s still fo full of life. I want him to go as a very old boy. And thank you too ‘dogma’ the poison being sold as pet food is criminal but people just don’t know or bother to find out. I try to tell as many people as I can but most are not phased by the info, heartbraking

  37. Debbie Says:

    Hi Mike, thanks for the links about artemisinin, I do have a bottle in my big box of potions, however I’ve had Andy on VASCUSTATIN K9IMMUNITY, K9TRANSFER, BETAGLUCAN, DHA (from algae not fish) & DIGESTIVE ENZYMES , He’s been on all this twice a day for a month with no signs of depilitation or weight loss, he was given 2mths tops 2mths ago, I’ve not used any drugs just a raw diet of organic ground beef & the cancer fighting vegetables which I steam. He has cooked chicken & vegies for the night feed. I’ve read that most proteins should be fed from morning to midafternoon. If he starts to lose weight I’m going to try the hydrazine sulfate. My vet does not recognise holistic medicine at all & there is no other vet in my town who does, so I’m on my own. Hope this protocol might be of some help to someone out there. With the Vascustatin & the 2 K9’s & the DHA, He gets twice the dose.

  38. Hermione Says:

    One idea that might help your other readers is to mix the powdered herbs with plain kefir (liquid yogurt drink) and then suck them up in a big (12cc) syringe. Squeeze it into the dog’s mouth (on top of the tongue) a little bit at a time. Be sure to take breaks for the dog to swallow. That is how I give my dog (who has cancer) his powdered herbs if he is not eating all of his food. I just give the small teapills with a bit of peanut butter. I got this idea from dog’s veterinary acupuncturist and it has helped a lot.

  39. David Forjan Says:

    Hey Mike,
    Did you get the photos of the lilies I sent? Some actually did blossom. The rabbits missed those I guess.
    David Forjan

  40. Georgianne Walker Says:

    Thank you for this amazing story! One of my Chesapeake Bay Retrievers (Buster Brown!) was diagnosed w/ bone cancer on 5/23/12. I immediately began researching and found your site. I found a vet who specializes in holistic care and have had Buster on Max’s Blend/Stasis Breaker since the beginning of June. Although the tumor is growing, he is still doing really well w/ only minor limping (no signs of coughing yet!). The Deramaxx worked wonders, but it’s on back order and I now have him on Previcox along w/ the Chinese herbs and other supplements that both of my boys take. The Previcox does not work as well as the Deramaxx did re: the limping, but he still runs at the park and is eating well. God bless all of you animal lovers…and God bless my rescue Chessie, Buster, who is an amazing boy that brings so much joy to our lives!

  41. Carrie C. Says:

    Mike, Thank you so much for sharing Chuck’s post-diagnosis journey. My Gracie was diagnoses with bone cancer 3 days ago and I’m just wrapping my head around the fact that there are options beyond amputation, chemo & radiation. You have motivated me.

    • Debbie Says:

      Hi Carrie, I have been in the place you are now at. You will do all you can & learn a lot. I lost my boy on the 9th sept this year. I’m still crying, still wishing him back every day. I found ‘Apricots from God’ but it was too late. Look it up you might be more successful, also there is a wonderful site, ‘Cancer Compass’ which can give great support & information. I pray God’s Grace for you on your journey.

      Andy’s mum

      • Sharlon Says:

        You all are so wonderful people to love and love some more our dear friends. If only we could keep them forever healthy and happy. I miss my wonderful girl still and it has been 2 yrs. My Mina was soooo sweet and I never ever wanted to ever give her up in any way. But, that was not for me to decide. Best Wishes to you all.

      • Debbie Says:

        Sharlon, you never can truly get over losing the love of your life, they become part of you over the years. I have since adopted a little boy 6yrs old maltese x but I will always be silently grieving for my darling Andy – wishing him back every day. The tears still come so easily.
        I often think if it wasn’t for that disease he should still be here.
        I has been very comforting to have people here that understand because those that haven’t had the love of a special animal or even family seem to put a time frame on the grieving process so you don’t talk about it anymore. I thank God for all you guys.

  42. Debbie Says:

    Hi Mike, It’s with great sadness I’m writing. I’ts been nearly 3mths since I gave my boy ‘Andy’ his freedom. This darling boy hung on for 16mths after diagnosis for bladder cancer or TCC. He was doing so well until a month before he passed. He started to lose weight & the disease had travelled to his kidneys, so by the time I got him to the vets he was past the point of hope so I let him go quietly.
    Just thought I’d let you know

  43. Mal Says:

    I am SO inspired by your & Chucks story!!!! My Doberman, Jasmyn, had a breast tumor pop up all of a sudden 2 weeks ago. Had it removed and sent off. Results came back Lymphoma. Since then, chest X-rays & echocardiograms of her heart show enlarged lymph nodes and a mass in her heart. Also has an unknown liver problem the specialists at ABAC in Titfton, Ga can’t figure out. I am very interested in starting her on the herbal supplements and have already started RAW Diet. If anyone has any other suggestions please feel free to voice them. Thank you!!!!

    • Debbie Says:

      Hi Mal, was so sorry to hear about Jasmyn but try not to despair, there is always hope. There are so many Cancer sites to go to & read your heart out. As long as she has a good appetite & not losing any weight, that was my main worry. The supps I started out with was K9 Immunity & K9 transfer factor with a multi & DHA omg3. But as I said earlier I found ‘Apricots from God’ far too late to do any good but I tried everything from Poly MVA to Siberian Chaga Mushroom extract. And yes the raw diet with veges & of course with cooked chicken & the broth. And I must mention too that instead of the conventional worming treatments which are full of chemicals anyway I was giving him Diatamaceous Earth which you can read about on ‘WOLF CREEK RANCH’ I have it myself. There are so many things to try, it’s finding a balance of what works for her & what she is willing to tolerate. I think you have been given a double whammy but I know you will do all you can for her. It will become your life’s work from now on.
      Best wishes

    • David Forjan Says:

      To Mal and Jasmyn,
      I strongly recommend seeking treatment from a TCVM vet practitioner. For herbs and acupuncture. My canine girl had bone cancer, and just the proper herbs treated her successfully. Find the closest TCVM vet by visiting this website.
      God speed.
      Be well.
      David Forjan

    • David Forjan Says:

      Sorry Mal and Jasmyn, I gave you the human TCM website, Here’s the Vet website for TCVM. The most prestigious.
      http://www.tcvm.com. Look under the “resources” tab for “find a practitioner”
      sorry for the confusion.
      Good luck.
      David Forjan

  44. Mal Says:

    Thank you, Debbie. I absolutely am going to go the natural route. She has an appt tomorrow with a specialist so maybe we can find out exactly what is wrong and be able to treat from there. This blog has really helped with the anxiety and stress that follows something like this. Thank you all.

    • Debbie Says:

      Never forget Mal, we are all here for you, because it’s tough road ahead & we need those who have been down that road.

  45. Mal Says:

    Specialist appointment yesterday; diagnosis is stage 4 Lymphoma & Diabetes from prednisone…started insulin last night, now every 12 hours. Her prognosis was approx a month. I am crushed. Giving her what she wants to eat, lots and lots of love and she is going to work with me everyday. Hopefully she’ll feel good and stay with me longer, but there will be no suffering to stay with me.

    • David Forjan Says:

      I’m very sorry to hear this Mal. Was this appointment with a TCVM or not? If not, will you consult a TCVM? Remember that it ain’t over until it’s over and that TCVM is not hurtful. Good luck.

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